Application Instructions

Before beginning any tattoo or procedure, it is essential to conduct a patch test to determine any potential skin reactions.

If you have a reaction of any kind we would advise not to use the cream for your procedure.

Instructions for use of Numbs:

  1. Shave the Area: Use a new razor to completely shave the area that will be treated.
  2. Clean the Area: Wash and exfoliate the area with a soapy cloth and warm water, eliminating bacteria and dead skin.
  3. Warm Up the Area: Place a warm towel or flannel on the skin for 5 minutes. Pat the area dry with a clean towel.
  4. Apply the Cream: Evenly spread a 2 or 3mm thick layer of Numbs cream on the area, massaging it into the skin. Be sure to reseal the tube after use.
  5. Cover the Area: Cover the area with cling film or plastic wrap for 1-2 hours before the tattoo/procedure begins.
  6. Remove the Cream: Take off the covering and excess cream with a clean kitchen roll after 1-2 hours. Let the area breathe for 5-10 minutes before the tattoo/procedure.