Frequently Asked Questions


Does Numbs provide an effective numbing effect?

Yes, Numbs' range of creams have been designed to provide a deep numbing sensation that can last up to 5 hours. A large number of people every day use this product to get a completely pain-free experience prior to their tattoo session. Ingredients within the creams vary, but all share the same aim – to deliver a fast-acting, deep numbing effect to the skin.

How do I use Numbs?

Utilising Numbs is easy – just apply the cream to the area you’ll be having your procedure (whether it’s a tattoo, lip fillers etc). The amount and how long in advance you should apply it will depend on your specific procedure, with larger sessions such as a four hour tattoo requiring a thicker layer applied 1-2 hours before. For smaller treatments, you can apply the cream around 25 minutes before. Once applied, be sure to place a covering of clingfilm over the area to let the product take full effect. If you have any further questions, please refer to the Application Instructions section of our website.

What areas can I use Numbs on?

Numbs should only be used on healthy, unbroken skin prior to certain treatments and procedures such as laser, cosmetic, tattoo, medical and needle-related work.

Do I need cling film to use Numbs?

Cling film is ideal, but if you don’t have any you can substitute it with something similar like a sandwich bag or clear carrier bag. Make sure the area is securely covered and taped to get the best numbing experience and to ensure it lasts the full duration.

How long does it take for Numbs to take action?

When using a numbing cream, it’s usually best to leave it on for between 1-2 hours for the best results. Please read the label for the specific product you’re using for exact information.

Can I leave the Numbs on for longer than 2 hours?

We do not advise leaving the cream on for any longer than 2 hours as the numbing sensation may not last the full duration of any treatments or procedures you undertake if left on for too long.

What if I leave Numbs on for a shorter time?

You can choose how long you leave the numbing cream on for, however, if you don’t leave it on for the recommended period then your numbing experience may not be as expected. We suggest leaving the cream on for a minimum of 1 hour.

Can Numbs be used on sensitive skin?

Yes, please make sure you read the descriptions on the product pages to find out which cream would work best for your skin type.